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ERIKA ANGELL @ L'OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal 2020
© Tim Georgeson
"Grands Concerts" series


Double bill performance, with BLANCHE BAILLARGEON who will play right after, at 8:30pm.

Sunday, October 8, 2023
  • $25: the Double Bill night (2 concerts)

With her voice processed through electronics, keyboards, loose musical sketches and selected poetry, Erika Angell delivers a performance that moves in and out of distorted noise, angular electronics, reciting and vigorous singing. Drummer Mili Hong frames the music with her free spirited and dynamic playing. Altogether, it is a fierce and feminine work of art where Erika Angell’s different musical expressions and inspirations exist coherently, music that might feel like a sound-sculpture, an art piece or a statement, and with the everlasting goal to evoke emotion.

Swedish vocalist and musician Erika Angell, Montrealer for the last decade, is one of Canada’s more experimental, progressive and free voices. Her elaborate singing and singular songwriting has stunned and touched listeners throughout her career. She is known for her work with the celebrated avant-garde indie rock band Thus Owls that she leads together with her husband Simon Angell, and lately with the improvisation trio Beatings Are in The Body. She performed around the world with Swedish projects; Josef & Erika and electronic noise band The Moth. Besides producing and touring her own works she has supported a variety of artists like Loney Dear, Patrick Watson, Leonard Cohen and Kim Myhr. After the release of over fifteen albums of her own, with different projects and bands, she has decided to perform music under her own name, featuring her roots in avant-garde, noise, free improvised and electronic music.

Erika Angell - voice, effects, keyboard
Mili Hong - drums

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